Pharmacy Negligence May Be Medical Malpractice

It is strange, but we often think that only doctors and hospitals can commit medical malpractice. However, all health care providers can commit malpractice. This includes pharmacies. As James Blatt describes below, there are several ways a pharmacy may be negligent and cause harm and damages to patients. Also, because pharmacy negligence is not a standard personal injury, but medical malpractice, it has a shorter statute of limitations.

By James Blatt

Does the pharmacist have a duty to care? Can a patient sue a pharmacy for being negligent? The answer to the first question is a yes. However, only a competent lawyer can weigh the facts at hand and give an accurate answer to the second question. Get in touch with a legal professional if pharmacy negligence is the cause of your injury.

Florida accepts pharmacy as a profession, so any negligence on the part of the pharmacist may be interpreted as malpractice. Which incidents classify in this category? Numerous errors may fall within this category – providing over dosage or under dosage, providing wrong medication, providing wrong instructions, and so on.

Every pharmacy has a duty to care towards the patients. Therefore, it is their responsibility to take care while filling out the prescription about the right medication, instructions and dosage. It is also a case of negligence if the pharmacist fails to understand the effects of consuming different medications at the same time.

It is, however, necessary to understand that not every error is necessarily a ground for filing a lawsuit. Consider the circumstances before you go ahead and sue a pharmacy. Discuss the details with your lawyer. Only when you are sure that it was a negligent action, you can file for damage recovery.

Keep in mind, the lawsuit is for damage recovery, therefore, damage is a preceding clause in the dispute. For example, the pharmacist in Orange County gives you the wrong dosage but this does not cause any serious harm to you. In such a situation, you do not have a strong enough ground to file a case.

Many people think that in Florida the statute of limitations is four years for a negligence case against a pharmacy. However, this is incorrect. Any personal injury case has a statute of four years, but the cases involving pharmacy negligence have a statute of two years. Therefore, if you think your pharmacist’s negligence was the cause of your injuries, talk to a lawyer now.

It is necessary to consult an Orange County Florida lawyer, with knowledge and experience in handling such cases, immediately. Without competent legal assistance, it is difficult to establish the occurrence of pharmacy negligence. Moreover, only a lawyer is capable of assessing the damage, with the help of other experts.

Check out the lawyers in your county, get their details, choose a few, contact them for an initial consultation and discuss your case.

James Blatt, a legal consultant, offers helpful tips for handling pharmacy negligence related legal issues. If you are looking for an Orange County Florida Lawyer for consultation, she suggests you to visit

The above information is general information only. If you have any questions whatsoever, talk with a lawyer licensed in your state.

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