Medical Malpractice Lawyers

There are three facts that everybody ought to know about medical malpractice lawyers and medical malpractice attorneys.

First, most medical malpractice lawyers work on a contingency fee basis. This means that the lawyer will be paid a portion of whatever monetary compensation that he/she recovers for the client. If the lawyer does not recover any money, then the lawyer does not get paid.

Along with contingency fee, most medical malpractice lawyers pay up front the expenses of pursuing a medical malpractice lawsuit and then they are reimbursed when they recover monetary damages. If they do not recover any money, in most cases, they do not seek reimbursement for the expenses that they paid.

Beware of any medical malpractice lawyer who wants to be paid up front or be paid whether or not he/she recovers any money damages.

Second, medical malpractice lawyers are people who may have different views. The point here is that one lawyer may believe that you do not have a case, but a second or third lawyer may believe that you do have a case. If one lawyer turns down your medical malpractice case, talk with other lawyers.

Third, when considering medical malpractice lawyers, be sure to hire one that will actually try your case in court. There are some medical malpractice attorneys who never try a case in court, but will always try to settle a case outside of court. The insurance companies know who these lawyers are, and will either offer them very low amounts to settle a case, or not settle the case at all. Then the lawyer has to dismiss the case.

The above information is general information only. If you have any questions whatsoever, talk with a lawyer licensed in your state.

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